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Don't Replace Repair

Glass repairs at a fraction of the replacement cost.

Why replace glass when it can be repaired?
Chips, scratches and small cracks can be repaired and increase the life of your glass. Repairs can be carried out on vehicle windscreens, headlights, sunroofs and even decorative building glass.

Saving you money
Did you know that glass repairs are covered by your insurance and you are not charged an excess? Insurance companies encourage the use of repair because it saves them money, they incentivise this by waivering the excess.

Convenient for you
Our technicians come to you so repairs are convenient. You don’t pay for our mobile service.

Helping the environment
Repairing is cost effective and environmentally friendly because laminated glass is difficult to recycle and usually ends up in landfills. Repairing your car glass means that you keep glass out of landfills. Windscreens contain laminates and bonding agents that limit recyclability of the glass. Wise Cracks professional repair provides you with a simple way to contribute to the health of the planet.

Frequently asked questions about our chip and crack repair service

How long does it take?
A typical chip repair will take approximately 30 minutes.
Is the repair totally invisible?
It depends on the type of chip as to the extent of the 'scar'. Optical clarity of between 75 and 95% can be expected.
Will repair affect my insurance should I need to replace my windscreen?
No. You can repair today and replace tomorrow if necessary.
Will my insurers want a windscreen repair excess?
Insurers do not charge an excess as repair saves them money.
Where are we situated?
Our technicians cover all the major metro areas and will do the repair on your site at no extra cost.
Is there a guarantee?
Yes, 12 months. We would offer a refund or a re-repair.
Will it pass roadworthy inspection?
Yes, guaranteed.

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